Monday, June 30, 2008

The Remixed W.W.E. Commentators: Ross Rules, Foley Is Good, Adamle Still Horrible

I was not happy about Jim Ross being drafted to Smackdown. But, knowing that he and Mick Foley (pictured with Mr. Socko) are friends, made me think that perhaps that chemistry would carry over to the airwaves. So far, it has. Given some more time that tandem will become the best in the W.W.E.

Monday Night Raw now has Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Cole is professional and understated, he knows when to let the action speak for itself and doesn’t need to inject himself where it is clearly unnecessary. Lawler will have to adjust, but I think the two will be very good together.

Meanwhile, over on E.C.W., Mike Adamle continues to prove that he has a solid shot of winning the “Randy Velischek Award” for putrid announcing. Thankfully, he has “The Human Suplex Machine” and an esteemed member of the "legit badass" club, Tazz, to help him out. I’ve never heard the analyst speak more than the play-by-play guy, but in this case it is so necessary.

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