Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday Night Raw in San Antonio Quick Hits

It was quite a night down in the “Lone Star State,” with so much to digest after a very well-done Monday Night Raw. Although Jim Ross looked like he had just bitten into a $2 steak after being drafted to Smackdown! Nonetheless, though, here are some quick hits on what occurred, I’ll have more later:

At least two of the three injuries were real. Melina did indeed hurt her ankle during the ladies tag team match and Batista’s collision with Edge was a mistake. Thus, the blood was real. Vince McMahon, though, did not get hurt during the collapse of the lighting equipment at the show’s conclusion. I thought the execution of this worked well, especially with McMahon breaking from character and calling Triple H by his real name, 'Paul.' But it must have raised speculation about the legitimacy or lack thereof, because it was impossible to get onto any of the overloaded wrestling websites after the show.

So does Triple H drop the W.W.E. Title to John Cena Sunday night or does Batista take the World Heavyweight Title from Edge? Please don't have Cena beat Hunter, I would have trouble keeping my food down!

Is Chavo Guerrero actually going to beat Matt Hardy for the U.S. Title in order to keep that strap on Smackdown?

I’m assuming Kane will lose to Big Show, because what would be E.C.W. without the E.C.W. Championship? Since that championship is so "prestigious."

I still think it would have been better to have done the draft the night after the pay-per-view.

Chris Jericho is the perfect obnoxious heel.

I’m no fashion guru, but I dig Victoria’s boots with the spider webs. Too bad Victoria didn’t get drafted to Raw and annoying Maria didn’t get drafted to...an infomercial!

As far as the ladies go, my old friend Gorilla Monsoon would have said this about Kelly Kelly, “You don’t get a body like that waiting for the bus.”


Rob Adams said...

You seriously are the best at this stuff. How have you not gotten a job at the WWE?

And I'm not being a wise-arse about this.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

But I like it when you're a wise-arse!

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Seriously, thanks for the props!

Rob Adams said...

HO HO!! Dad says I need to be more serious. Oh that's what he says!

Stay feisty!