Thursday, March 06, 2008

March Matchups: The Rolling Stones’ “Undercover of the Night” vs. Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone”

Wow folks things are moving quickly here at the Big Dick Dudley Memorial Coliseum. That gives me a chance to tell you that March Matchups will run until Sunday March 30. Yes the same day as Wrestlemania 24. I hope you are sitting down because it is now time to tell you about our main event, which is a bout that no one else would dare to put together. A battle between two gladiators that no one else even had the guts or the money to promote. But I am happy to tell you that the dream matchup is signed, sealed and will be delivered on March 30. Because that’s when Hulk Hogan will take on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!

Now we go to our next match which is a battle of songs. For whatever reason – perhaps because both tunes are kind of dark and accompanied by strange videos - these two songs have always reminded me of one another: The Rolling Stones’ "Undercover of the Night," recorded in 1983, and Golden Earring’s "Twilight Zone," recorded in 1982. What makes this bout further intriguing is that Golden Earring, a Dutch Band founded in 1961, is the oldest still performing rock group in the world, surpassing only the Stones who were founded in 1962. As they say down south folks, Katie bar the door 'cause we're about to have a peer six brawl!!!

Golden Earring is a pretty underappreciated band in North America, but hugely successful in Europe. Go figure. It's a close match, but Mick and the boys prevail despite the silly pencil thin mustache that Jagger sports in the video.

So the winner of this contest, "Undercover of the Night!"


Rob Adams said...

And the "BOO of the Week" goes to the judges for allowing an extremely weak, 80's-era Stones song to beat "Twilight Zone", a vastly supersior tune!

We demand a recount!

The members of the Golden Earring in the USA Fan Club (who only recall they had a mere two "hits" in the US)

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Can't be done.

According to sec 125, part 1, paragraph 3, sentence 5 of the March Matchups bylaws: "Once a decision has been rendered, it cannot be overturned."

Good day, sir!