Monday, March 10, 2008

March Matchups: Fatman Scoop's "Be Faithful" vs. Heavy D & The Boyz' "Money Earnin' Mount Vernon"

Alright everyone we’ve got another great contest here today at the sold out Big Dick Dudley Memorial Coliseum!

Fatman Scoop is busy doing a lot of different things these days in the world of entertainment (including his gig as a Hot 97 DJ), but back in 2003 he and his backup group, The Crooklyn Clan, put out “Be Faithful” which went to #1 in the United Kingdom. This is the type of song that is best listened to at full volume, in my opinion. Some folks mistakenly believe the name of this song is "Throw Your Hands Up," but they are misguided.

On the other side of the ring is Heavy D & The Boyz with “Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon.” Heavy D grew up in Mount Vernon and along with The Boyz is probably most noted for their song, “Now That We Found Love,” which was a big hit in 1991. Still, I’m partial to “Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon.” I know “the Vern” fairly well, and recognize many of the sights in the video, which you can view by clicking here. It's got a real old school feel to it.

Fatman Scoop’s song (featured above courtesy of YouTube) comes out as the winner in this one. It’s an upbeat, feel good kind of song, that might - I said might - even loosen up some of the tightasses in your life! Ask them to give it a try.

File me under satire!

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