Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Matchups: Anne Rice's New Book

We take a moment from all of the fast-paced action to post a couple of videos. Anne Rice’s new book, Chirst The Lord: The Road To Cana, came out a little over two weeks ago and even though I normally don't buy hardcover, I couldn't wait to grab this one.

Anyway, she posted two videos on YouTube in which she discusses where she got her information for the new book. Unfortunately, due to health reasons she won’t be doing a book tour. You may already know that I really admire her work and am a bit bummed to have read that she is not able to do a tour at this point in her life. She didn’t specify what those health reasons are, but I suppose after writing almost 30 books, she’s done plenty of travel throughout her illustrious career.

What I believe makes her a great writer is that she has the unique ability to make any subject matter compelling. When I read her books, I am completely consumed with the story. No matter if the setting is New Orleans, Cairo or Marseilles, her descriptive writing is so keen, that I feel as though I am in that exact location.

There hasn't been any other fictional writer that does that for me. Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities to a certain degree, but not quite, and that's only one book, I've read almost 20 of Anne Rice's novels and have never been disappointed. Never.

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