Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Matchups: "Battle Of The Black Widows" Jeanette Lee vs. Victoria

Welcome back to March Matchups folks for the "Battle of The Black Widows."

Jeanette Lee (pictured above), 36, is probably the most recognizable pool player around to the casual observer. Still, I’ll admit I don’t watch billiards for more than a second at a time, so for this match, I had to do some detective work on Lee.

The 36-year-old Brooklyn native is known as “The Black Widow” because of her habit of wearing black. Makes sense. Her opponent today, Victoria, is a former W.W.E. Women’s Champion and is also known as “The Black Widow.” Why has the 37-year-old taken on that nickname? Very simple Watson, I have no clue. I've only recently noticed her wearing some stuff that features a black spider. Regardless, these days Victoria seems to be playing a more and more prominent role on W.W.E. television. Lisa Marie Varon, her real name, is a former bodybuilder and was trained to be a pro wrestler by Dave"The Belfast Brawler"Finlay (Hornswoggle's "father"). The question is, could a woman wielding a pool cue (stick) overcome the strength of a professional wrestler?

Well, here’s how the match ends…

Lee is complaining to the ref about Victoria using a chokehold (as Victoria is doing to some poor sap in the picture above) and gets so heated she shoves the ref to the ground. Ever the opportunist, Victoria grabs the pool cue and slams Lee over the head with it. Victoria tosses the stick aside - just as “coincidentally” the referee is regaining his senses - and covers Lee for the pinfall victory.

Thus, the winner of the “Battle of The Black Widows” is Victoria!

Lee is an outsider and didn’t belong in a ring with a professional wrestler, much in the same way that Floyd Mayweather does not belong in the ring with The Big Show. ESPN got it wrong again, by recently stating that the Mayweather-Show match at Wrestlemania 24 is the “featured bout.” Wrong, wrong, wrong! No fan of wrestling is going to tell you that! I have no idea how much money the boxer-wrestler match will bring in, but for me, Shawn Michaels taking on Ric Flair in possibly "Slick Ric's" last match of his career is the featured attraction, even more than the two world title matches. Flair getting inducted into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame is also a huge event that weekend and for me that even overshadows Mayweather making a cameo at the biggest wrestling event of the year.

How big is the Flair induction ceremony? Well, a bunch of wrestlers from T.N.A. have bought tickets to the event, not to make a scene, but to honor one of the all-time greats and a true legend: Ric Flair. So if Flair is such a legend then why is he not at March Matchups? Aha, stay tuned, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, the W.W.E. was handed a big blow today when Jeff Hardy got suspended for 60 days for failing a drug test. This is his second suspension - the first was for 30 days - and clearly explains why Hardy dropped the W.W.E. Intercontinental Championship last night on Monday Night Raw.

Keep it in the Ring!


Anonymous said...

Word has it that some of Mayweathers "posse" legitimately brawled with the WWE wrestlers last night and that Shane McMahon was stiffed when we saw him on the ground. This whole angle is just as retarded as Pacman Jones in TNA, it's stuff like this (along with no talent hacks like MC Whitey being placed in main events) that's ruining the pro wrestling industry.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Wow, thanks for that about Mayweather's posse.

I totally agree with you about this angle. I don't know why - but you may have answered this - there has always been this tension every time Mayweather has been involved so far, like you can't tell if it's real or not. I heard that 50 Cent may be in Mayweather's corner at 'mania.

I just sit there and keep thinking that something bad is going to happen.

Thanks very much for the comment!