Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brodeur vs. Lundqvist: Now This Is Weird

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the New Jersey Devils and Martin Brodeur, so that’s why I was so surprised to read the pubescent remarks from Marty regarding Henrik Lundqvist in this morning’s New York Post.

“The King,” he says is weird! Brodeur said in a Sports Illustrated article that Henrik’s style of play is "weird. Brodeur adds that he was miffed as a result of not being acknowledged by the New York goalie during the N.H.L. awards ceremony last summer in Toronto.

No actually Marty, what’s weird is that the Devs were in first place but are beginning another descent. What’s weird is that the Devils have been owned by the Rangers this season and that you, have been schooled by Lundqvist.

It seems that the Rangers might be getting to you. I mean seriously, crying about the fact that Lundqvist didn’t come up and bow down to you at the awards ceremony, is like when Mark Messier got bent out of shape that Neil Smith didn’t have a beer with him in the summer of 1997. I mean really, Martin Brodeur, an all-time great is worried about the Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist? Oh well.

I think this whole thing is a bit comical! So are the Rangers becoming like the W.W.E.'s Boogeyman (featured above) for the Devils and Mr. Brodeur? Nonetheless, it adds some more spice to tonight's game at Madison Square Garden.

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