Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New Tag Team Partner For Chris Jericho?

So just who will Chris Jericho select as his new partner in defending the unified tag team championship at Night of Champions on July 26? Remember, the holders of the titles can defend the belts on any of the three brands. Here are some possibilities:

Big Show – It seems that Mark Henry and Big Show will eventually meet up on Raw and with Henry’s run-in with Jericho last night this may make some sense. Of course, then Henry would have to go grab a tag team partner.

Carlito – Probably not. I foresee him joining “Legacy” when DiBiase turns face.

Cody Rhodes – This would only happen if they were going to disband “Legacy” altogether.

The Miz – I haven’t followed it, but apparently Jericho and The Miz have been having some sort of playful war of words on Twitter recently.

The Brian Kendrick - It seemed as though the W.W.E. was teasing a Kendrick/Miz pairing, but Kendrick seems to have dropped the subject as of late.

Dolph Ziggler - The two have teamed together on Superstars.

R-Truth - Although he is not utilized enough by the W.W.E., it wouldn't make sense to turn him heel.

Ezekiel Jackson - The big guy is pretty inexperienced, though, Jackson would match up well with Mark Henry in a tag team confrontation.

Christian - I would love to see Jericho and Christian. This would be perfect to set up a feud with Christian's old partner Edge, if and when he returns from injury. Jericho already put down Edge last night on Raw as a weak tag team partner.

My top picks are: Christian, Ziggler and Miz.

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