Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Led Zeppelin "Baby Come On Home" and Other ZOSO (or Zep news)

A few items worth nothing about Led Zeppelin:

First, Robert Plant survived a serious accident earlier this month in London. Apparently and ironically, Plant’s vehicle collided with a car driven by a drug counselor. Plant currently is working with Alison Krauss on a followup to their debut album, Raising Sand.

Second, Jimmy Page has said that Led Zeppelin’s music will not be a part of games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Basically he says that wannabe musicians should try the real thing, which I get, but I think that a whole new generation of fans would be introduced to the music of Led Zeppelin which would undoubtedly be a good thing.

Also, Cream bassist Jack Bruce claims he received death threats as a result of his dissing the Led Zeppelin reunion at the 02 arena last year. Bruce said at the time that Cream was 10 times the band Zeppelin ever was. Funny, 'cause I remember Keith Richards also taking a shot at Zeppelin when told they had a reunion:

“They had one? Well, well done Jimmy (Page) and Robert (Plant) ... ‘Stairway To Heaven don't make it for me, baby.”

I really think these guys say these things tongue-in-cheek and just to get people's goat.

Finally, this song by Led Zeppelin gets virtually no airplay: "Baby Come On Home," was recorded for Zeppelin's first album but wasn't released until their second boxed set in 1993.

The song is a tribute to songwriter Bert Berns.

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