Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fedor-Lesnar Signed and Sealed?

Friday afternoon Dana White will hold a major press conference and what he will discuss is the subject of many rumors around the Internet. Some things he may announce is a deal for U.F.C. with ESPN; the return of Tito Ortiz; more on the deal with Affliction; and according to this report in the L.A. Times, the U.F.C. President will announce that Fedor Emelianenko has signed with U.F.C. and will face Brock Lesnar at a pay-per-view within the next four or five months.

Fedor is holding a press conference this afternoon that promises more saber rattling from Emelianenko and his camp in the direction of Brock Lesnar.

If and when a deal is signed for Fedor to join U.F.C. and fight Lesnar it will not only be the biggest m.m.a. fight ever in terms of revenue, it will be the biggest pay-per-view of all time!

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