Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts On Sports and Game 1

I watch football and there is Keith Olbermann; the man that declares anyone that disagrees with his usually incoherent ramblings as the “worst person in the world.”


I watch baseball and I see FOX showing Rudy Giuliani over and over and over and over again. Who cares? He’s just another fan. By the way, I would really love to know where he made all of his money that he can afford such great seats at Yankee Stadium and membership at various upscale country clubs in the area. I'm sure it was all as a result of blood, sweat and tears.

Again, riiight!

It's cool that the Obamas throw out first pitches, go on expensive dates in New York City and campaign for other politicians in the tri-state area. But, once, just once, can they visit Ground Zero?

A lot of people are calling for Nick Swisher to be benched but I think Joltin' Joe Girardi is too loyal to sit him. But I'm sure the Yankees' manager will ask his computer first.

A new season, yet it is the same old Knicks (Miami 115, NY 93).

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