Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hulk Hogan Signs With T.N.A.

Hulk Hogan has signed with T.N.A. wrestling and will be appearing on tomorrow night’s show on SpikeTV. Hogan’s business partner and former W.C.W. head Eric Bischoff is also coming along and there is speculation that some other big names such as Ric Flair – could be following Hogan. Hogan has a new book out and funny enough the W.W.E. is scheduled to release a new Hulk Hogan DVD in the next month or so. I wonder if that still stands now that Hogan is working for the competition.

My point of view on this is that Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea is back where he belongs and that is in the wrestling business. Hogan has told some tall tales over the years, but there is no question that the last couple of years for him have been tough. I hope he is able to get some level of normalcy back in his life.

From a wrestling standpoint, Hogan will help T.N.A. in terms of visibility and exposure, but the bigger piece of this deal is Bischoff. He is partners with Jason Hervey of Wonder Years fame and has put together some reality shows over the years. There has been talk of a Hogan-Flair reality show and perhaps this deal opens things up for Spike to air that show.

BetweenTheRopes did a good job of covering the story on last night's show.

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