Friday, October 30, 2009

Odds & Sods

Twice in a week....maybe this should be called the "what the hell is so funny" edition for all you laughaholics out there.

If the H1n1 is such a big deal and the government knew it was going to be so wide-spread, then why didn't they order way more of the vaccine then would be needed?

Here's something shocking, the government overstated the amount of jobs created by the stimulus. I guess that requires a LOL!

The Internet turned 40. LMAO!

The low class behavior continues, today I saw someone write that they want the Yankees to fly their own private planes to Philly because "Yankees are such great pilots." Just way out of bounds.

Henrik Lundqvist was in a one-car accident on the Saw Mill River Parkway on Tuesday and was supposedly not hurt. His Lamborghini, however, had to be towed because it could not be driven.

Phil Mushnick agreed with my email that the constant showing on t..v. of Rudy Giuliani at Yankee games is excessive. He mentions it in his column today.

I sent Mushnick an email regarding the new book by Irv Muchnick on the Benoit murders, since Phil wrote the book's foreword. Phil said in his email to me that Irv knows more than most. One reviewer said the book is a "flawed but valuable resource."

I will give Phil some applause for writing about Bill Chadwick's passing.

Michael Jackson's "This is It" made over $20 million on day one. Meanwhile, his father said Michael is worth more dead than alive. Y'all stay classy now, ya hear.

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