Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock Hall Celebrates 25 Years

I guess what has spurred on Rachael Ray to get Hall and Oates into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is that the Hall of Fame is celebrating 25 years with a pair of concerts next week at Madison Square Garden and she noticed that the duo are not in the Hall of Fame. Could also be that they have a new box set out and are coming on her show Nov. 6, just a guess. In all seriousness, I totally agree with the chipmunk-cheeked Ray that Hall & Oates should get inducted.

Ray, though, inspired me to look at the nominees for 2010: ABBA (performing their 1975 hit, "S.O.S." above); The Chantels; Jimmy Cliff; Genesis; The Hollies; KISS; LL Cool J; Darlene Love; Laura Nyro; Red Hot Chili Peppers; The Stooges and Donna Summer.

This stuff doesn't really get me bent, but, unless I've overlooked something, The Shadows are not in the Hall and are not on the list of nominees. What?!!!! How can that be? The Shadows, and in particular their guitarist Hank Marvin, have influenced everyone!

I'm gonna start my own petition!

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