Friday, October 09, 2009

Roger Daltrey Begins Solo Tour

Tomorrow Roger Daltrey hits the road in Vancouver to kick off his "Use it or Lose It" solo tour. I posted a couple of videos above; the first is Roger talking about Jim Morrison. The Who used to tour quite a bit with The Doors back in the day. In fact, the song "Sally Simpson" which is on the Tommy album is about an incident that occurred at a show in which a woman was violently thrown off the stage by The Doors' security after trying to touch Jim Morrison. The lady ended up with some pretty bad cuts and the like.

The second video is of Roger Daltrey and Peter Gabriel appearing on "Fox and Friends" on the Fox News Channel back in 2005. The two were talking about some new DVDs that were being released - a Tommy/Quadrophenia DVD and Peter Gabriel's Africa Calling. The interviewers - E.D. Hill and Brian Kilmeade - were absolutely appalling and ruin a golden opportunity to talk with Daltrey and Gabriel. Really that's why I am posting the video, because Hill and Kilmeade are so horrible. Journalism professors around the country should use this video to illustrate how bad t.v. commentators can be.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Sean you are right! What a couple of bumbling idiots!!!
That is painful to watch!

Roger and Pete were so gracious given what they had to work with. Says ALOT for their character!