Friday, October 09, 2009

Inside The Squared Circle: Frequent Title Changes, The Guest Host, Roddy Piper Rumors, Big Returns

Kevin Eck over at The Baltimore Sun's Ring Posts blog has posted his thoughts on the frequent title changes in the W.W.E.. I know we will never go back to the days of Bruno Sammartino holding the belt for nearly eight years, but what was the point of taking the title off of John Cena just three weeks after he beat Randy Orton? The championships have become nothing more than props.

I've stated my feelings on here about having a guest host of Monday Night Raw; once in a while it would be OK, but as a recurring occurrence, I dislike it immensely. Having said that, Ben Roethlisberger was one of the better hosts this past Monday night. So far it's Shaq, Freddie Prinze Jr, Bob Barker and Big Ben. Nobody else - in terms of celebrities - is even worth mentioning.

Rumors that Rowdy Roddy Piper's cancer has returned and is terminal have been debunked.

Umaga and Booker T are reportedly headed back to the W.W.E.

Rob Van Dam is trying to decide if he will work for the folks in Stamford, Conn. or join Dixie Carter and T.N.A.

Scott Steiner is supposedly on his way out of T.N.A.

Finally, I have to "put over" the guys at Between The Ropes. This week they had Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer as a guest. Meltzer is one of the best sportswriters out there.

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