Friday, October 09, 2009

75 Grand For the NWA Title, a pro wrestling memorabilia Website, is auctioning off Ric Flair's National Wrestling Alliance World Championship belt, which he held through much of the 1980s. The bidding starts at $75,000.

Sure the championship does trace its lineage back to the beginning of the last century and has been held by Harley Race, Bobo Brazil, Giant Baba, and Danno O'Mahoney (the inventor of the "Irish Whip"), but $75 grand? I can't see it.
But here's why this is all occurring: Ric Flair has major financial trouble and earlier this year was loaned money by Highspots in advance of some appearances, which Flair reportedly never fulfilled those appearances or paid back the money.
That's how the story goes, so who knows if it is all true or not. The belt is up for auction so I believe it. Flair's financial troubles have been well-documented. It is pretty well-known that Vince McMahon has bailed Flair out of some serious tax trouble on at least one occasion.
Sad story. Ric Flair's personal life is tragic and in many ways is looking more and more like Mickey Rourke's broken down character in The Wrestler.

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