Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Danielson/McGuiness TNA Bound?

Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net is reporting that Nigel McGuinness is backstage today at the T.N.A. t.v. tapings. He is also saying that Bryan Danielson may be following suit. Of course, the big story for the latter part of the summer was that the two were leaving R.O.H. and coming to the W.W.E. The two had agreed in principal but did not sign with the company. Powell is saying that both wrestlers are tired of waiting for a formal contract and are looking to join T.N.A. McGuinness told Alfonso Castillo of Newsday's Steel Cage blog before his final match for R.O.H. that he had not officially signed with W.W.E., though many thought it was just a formality. Click this for that story.

The question becomes, is T.N.A. being used as bargaining leverage or are these reports accurate? Whatever company ends up with one or both of these guys has hit the lotto, no question about that.

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