Friday, May 09, 2008

Odds & Sods

Tragedy strikes the world and once again man makes it worse. There are now estimates that when all is said and done, 500,000 people will have died from the cyclone in Burma. Many thousands will have needlessly perished because the hardline government will not allow aid to those in need. Just heart wrenching!

Some people have asked, are we in the end times? They make a case that over the last eight years we have seen tragedy after tragedy on a Biblical scale: 9/11, the Enron and WorldCom collapse, the Iraq war, the Tsunami, there was also an earthquake in the Iranian city of Bam in 2003 which killed 15,000 of the 90,000 people living in that ancient city and now the Myanmar cyclone. So are we in the end times? What say you?

The acquittal of the cops in the Sean Bell shooting trial and the Hillary-Obama contest show America’s Achilles' heel: race.

The Detroit Red Wings look unstoppable!

Two reasons why Neil Smith is no longer Rangers’ GM play for the Dallas Stars: Swedish bruiser Mattias Norstrom and the smooth-skating Muscovite, Sergei Zubov.

David Wells wants to come back and pitch for the Yankees. Wow and I was only kidding about Carl Pavano’s return being pushed up!

The rare 2-3 double play in the Yankees-Indians' game the other night was cool to see, despite the New York loss. Nice job by catcher Jose Molina.

Former W.W.E. wrestler Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake’s wife was in the news recently. She said that before she was married and while working in a restaurant in Boston, Roger Clemens put the moves on her, which she promptly rejected.

Mark Jackson + Knicks’ Head Coaching Job = Good fit.

Did I mention cutting your nails in public?

How about when a bagel shop adds plain hot water to your cup of coffee. All I have to say is the same thing that Pete Townshend (pictured above with Paul McCartney to his right) uttered at the end of the recording of “Happy Jack” when Keith Moon – who liked to try and add his vocals much to the band’s dismay – tried to sneak back in to the session...

I saw yer!

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