Thursday, May 15, 2008

Judgement Day Predictions

Maybe I’m feeling a little Dionne Warwicky today, regardless I’ll go ahead and do some forecasting and give my picks for the W.W.E.’s Judgement Day on pay-per-view (where else?) this Sunday night.

Chris Jericho takes on Shawn Michaels in a match that we can only hope lives up to their legendary bout at Wrestlemania 19. I’m assuming Y2J’s Intercontinental title is not on the line, still I go with some sort of screwjob ending to this one. Batista said if he found out Michaels was feigning an injuring at last month’s ppv, he would really hurt HBK. Well, Michaels admitted his knee injury was a fake in his win over Batista. So I expect Batista to come out and put a hurting on Michaels. If that happens, let’s hope it occurs after the match and that we have a clean finish. This match will probably steal the show…but when has Michaels not stolen the show. No matter how the match finishes, though, I think Michaels scores the win over Jericho.

JBL goes up against John Cena. Hey, didn’t these two face off in an “I Quit” match at Judgement Day two years ago? The styles of these two, I think, meshes pretty well for what could be a pretty good match. I’m still hoping for the day when JBL and William Regal cross paths in the ring. Expect a screwjob finish to extend the feud. Cena via disqualification over JBL.

Mickie James will put the W.W.E. Women’s Title on the line against Melina and Beth Phoenix (pictured above) in a “Triple Threat” match. I’d love to see Phoenix squash both, but I think they are going to try an establish a Phoenix-Melina feud - why? Look for Melina again costing Phoenix the gold.

The Undertaker goes up against Edge in a match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. Why not have Edge win and then CM Punk cashes in his “Money in the Bank” victory and then goes out and beats Edge for the title? Probably not, but it would be cool to see! Undertaker wins this one ‘cause Edge is supposedly taking some time off.

The Miz and John Morrison will defend the W.W.E. Tag Team Titles against E.C.W. Champ Kane and CM Punk. I’m not sure I get where this one is going? Perhaps a heel turn for CM Punk? I found it very interesting that Punk lost cleanly to The Miz on Tuesday night. Maybe Miz becomes a “good guy” or who knows? The tag champs retain, somehow.

That leads us to the steel cage match between Randy Orton and W.W.E. Champ Triple H. William Regal awaits for Hunter Hearst Helmsley while Randy Orton is also cutting back on travel, so look for HHH to win this one in what could potentially be a very good cage match

Interesting that Mr. Kennedy, Big Show, Umaga, Matt Hardy and others were left off of this pay-per-view...or are they?

Triple H is in the running for the lead role in the movie Thor.

By the way, Raw G.M. William Regal needs a Steve Austin-type that gets his goat and I think they've got one in Mr. Kennedy. He comes off great as an obnoxious "babyface."

Rey Mysterio was on a promotional tour in China when the earthquake hit. Reportedly he had to run out of a radio station along with his wife, but that they are OK and are now assisting with relief efforts.


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