Monday, May 05, 2008

Mini Odds & Sods

So much I would like to touch on right now…

Sad that the death toll in Myanmar is now at 10,000 and possibly growing. Just incredibly tragic!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are making the rounds on television, as if that was something new. This thing doesn’t appear to be ending until at least June. Oh boy!

Just so heartbreaking to see what happened to Eight Belles. Now all the loonies can have their moment in the sun and rip horse racing.

The officiating in the NHL is horrible, but that wasn’t the reason the Rangers lost. If it had been seven games, yes, not five. More on that in a future post this week.

Any chance that John Dellapina would issue an apology to Sean Avery over his inaccurate reporting?

Captain Obvious says the Yankees pitching has big problems. Is it bad enough, though, that some want to push up Carl Pavano’s expected summer return? Not quite, but getting there.

The W.W.E had a good moment with the three candidates appearing on their flagship show, Monday Night Raw, but that was followed up with a clunker of a week involving Michael Hayes (racial remarks), Ashley Massaro (alleged escort service involvement) and Santino Marella (DUI).

Just think...right now Mike Francesa is telling someone he was right about something he was clearly wrong about. Also, Isiah Thomas is telling someone that the Knicks grew a great deal during his tenure...and they're both laughing all the way to the bank!

Great country America, great country!

Good job out of Martin Scorsese on Shine A Light, a documentary on the Rolling Stones. I got to see it in IMAX and loved it.

By the way, the above photo is of the late drummer for The Who, Keith Moon, along with Zak Starkey, who would go on to simultaneously hold the two best part-time jobs in the world: drumming for The Who and Oasis.

Detroit over Dallas in six.
Penguins over Philly in five.

Not as mini as I thought...

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