Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kiss Us We're Bloggers!

I haven't done so since I began this blog in April 2006, but I decided it was time to opine about some of the Weblogs that I visit frequently.

Of course, we’ll start with Exit 55 and my buddy Rob Adams. Great website that focuses on a number of topics; most notably sports, music and roads. From there I go to Neil Best’s Watchdog blog. Rob Adams got me into him. He covers all things sports media and does so in an opinionated way without being bombastic or grating.

That blog is courtesy of Newsday, which also plays home to The Steel Cage. Yes, one of the more popular blogs from the now Cablevision-owned Newsday. It's a well-written blog by Alfonso Castillo and former W.W.E. creative writing team member, Seth Mates. They kind of play a good cop/bad cop thing with Mates more critical and cynical of the wrestling biz as opposed to the usually jovial Castillo. It’s a good read, with solid insight.

Ring Posts by Kevin Eck from the Baltimore Sun also gets my mouse click. He’s pretty pro-W.W.E., but still covers T.N.A. and occasionally R.O.H.

During the hockey season, Sam Weinman’s Rangers Report is a must for me. Sam gives very good analysis and also links you to anything news breaking courtesy of his competition. Pretty classy, if you ask me.

Peter Abraham does a nice job with the New York Yankees.

If you want in-depth high school sports coverage, Tim Parry is your guy.

My friend Tommy Dee does a fantastic job in writing TrueSportsFans, but that seems to be on hiatus at the moment.

There are others, but these stick out in the forefront of my mind at the moment. The aforementioned blogs are all colorful and insightful and most importantly FREE!

So go ahead and try one, I know you want to...

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