Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More "Shocking" W.W.E. News

Watch Raw Win A Million
Vince McMahon made the “shocking” announcement on Monday Night Raw that the W.W.E. will be giving away $1 million. Now, I’m going to have to point out that there is some controversy already surrounding this. Is it $1 million per week or is it a total of $1 million that will be given away? Regardless, it’s all to draw ratings that have been slumping for a while.

Roster Shakeup
The other – and more important – announcement was that the W.W.E. will hold a draft on June 23 to reshuffle the rosters of Raw, Smackdown and E.C.W. This is an opportunity for the W.W.E.’s creative writing team to do some cool stuff, which would then increase ratings. It appears as though they will try to move some guys up to higher status; the evidence being that Paul Burchill looks to be about to start a feud with Mr. Kennedy (wait one second so I can run outside and yell MMMIIIISSSSTTTTEEERRR KENNEDY!), while his sister Katie Lea goes after Mickie James.

CM Punk’s stock continues to fall; losing to Chavo Guerrero last night on E.C.W. So much for that "Money In The Bank" match victory at Wrestlemania!

I like this idea of a new faction being formed that would contain all second and third-generation superstars. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase came out on MNR and introduced his son, Ted Jr. who most likely would lead the stable that is rumored to also include Cody Rhodes, D.H. Smith, Afa Jr. and Carlito. Maybe this is where Randy Orton comes in. Assuming he loses - not a grand assumption - to Triple H on Sunday, perhaps he is the leader of this stable of young stars?

Speaking of Ted DiBiase, he has a new book coming out, thus one of the reasons why you will be seeing a lot of him on W.W.E. television. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but the second-generation wrestler will be featured tonight at 8 p.m. on Madison Square Garden Classics on MSG. DiBiase will be taking on W.W.E. Champ Randy Savage inside of a steel cage which occurred in 1988 at Madison Square Garden.

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