Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inside The Squared Circle: Monday Night Raw Ratings Fall Again; Candice Michelle The Savior?

So maybe there is something to all of the criticizing that is done by the Internet wrestling community. The ratings are down, which is part of the reason that Vince McMahon has resorted to giving away money. We'll see.

Some still believe that wrestling is on the verge of another boom. That the W.W.E. has a bunch of young guns ready to lead the charge. Again, we’ll see. The question is who will be the new star that transcends wrestling like Steve Austin and The Rock did? Chris Jericho has really only started to regain some of his luster that he lost after a hiatus of two years. So if Y2J couldn’t save the W.W.E., perhaps it will be Go Daddy femme fatale, Candice Michelle (pictured above when she was Women’s champ). I jest, of course, but many folks are wondering when she will make her return from injury. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned…

The ratings information below is courtesy of

This past week's Memorial Day edition of W.W.E. RAW drew a 2.9 cable rating. The show did hourly ratings of of 2.87 and 2.94. Monday was a national holiday, but typically RAW's rating only drops significantly when it falls on Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Here's a look at the TV ratings for the past 5 years' Memorial Day RAWs:
2007 - 3.2
2006 - 3.8
2005 - 3.8
2004 - 3.2
2003 - 3.7

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