Friday, May 02, 2008

O Captain! My Captain!

So there he was last night, Jaromir Jagr, leading the charge like a true thoroughbred busting out of the gate at the start of a race. All the other New York Rangers could do was try to keep pace while the Pittsburgh Penguins were left in the dust. The Blueshirts' playoff lives may have been extended only one more game, but their Captain made sure the ship wouldn’t sink without a fight.

Jagr may retire after this season and play in Russia or he may not get another contract from Glen “The Savior” Sather and the Broadway Blues, but if last night was his last twirl around the Garden ice, he went out with a bang. What a heroic performance on Broadway by the man who has restored pride to this Rangers’ franchise over the last three years. Jaromir Jagr paced New York in the 3-0 shutout with two goals and an assist.

Yes, Henrik Lundqvist showed why he is a Vezina candidate. But it all started with one man. Now Mr. Jagr and the Rangers go back to Pittsburgh in hopes of extending the season another game.

One thing The Captain has made certain by his actions is that he won’t disappoint win or lose.

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