Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Mr. Kennedy The New Steve Austin?

So is Mr. Kennedy the new "Steve Austin" of the W.W.E.? It sure looks like they are grooming him to at least make a go of it. I read an interesting interview recently with Mr. Kennedy (real name Ken Anderson, pictured above) in which he talks about his relationship with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He said that Austin will occasionally call him to discuss a match that he had on t.v. and what he could do differently or that Austin will suggest new approaches to doing interviews, etc.

The W.W.E.’s “Attitude Era” was its most successful in terms of dollars and cents and that was spearheaded by the edgy Steve Austin (pictured left). Some have made the argument that the W.W.E. is on the verge of another boom with all of their young stars such as John Morrison, CM Punk, and MVP. But Mr. Kennedy would be the guy to lead the way. I’m not sure about Kennedy just yet.

Unfortunately, William Regal’s suspension takes away a natural rival for Kennedy. After the Cena-JBL feud reaches a resolution in two weeks at One Night Stand, I’d love to see the obnoxious jerk character that JBL portrays go head to head with the loudmouth Mr. Kennedy.

If nothing else, it will make for some great t.v.!

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