Tuesday, December 04, 2007


If you did not see last night's Monday Night Raw you may want to skip this if you want next week's show to be a surprise. Anyway, it was announced that Hulk Hogan will appear next Monday night as part of the 15th anniversary show. I'll get into more about the fifteen years of Raw in a later post. However, this appears to be more than just a one time appearance for Hulk Hogan, it looks as though, that Hulk is coming back for a run.

Many of you know that Hulk's family is going through some serious problems. The car accident that his son Nick was in and the divorce from his wife Linda. Apparently, Linda is seeking half of Terry"Hulk Hogan"Bollea's assets. Ouch!

Here's the deal: NBC owns the USA Network which broadcasts Monday Night Raw. Hogan is hosting American Gladiators which is supposed to air beginning in January on NBC. So it appears like this could all equal a long-term Hogan return.

Hulk Hogan has not been seen in a W.W.E. ring since Summerslam 2006 when he defeated Randy Orton, who had been making the moves on Hulk's daughter, Brooke. Apparently, Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan had some disagreements which led to the Hulkster once again parting ways with the W.W.E. A scheduled independent bout in Memphis with Jerry Lawler was nixed due in a convoluted way to Lawler's affiliation with the W.W.E.

Hogan would be a great story and there are many potential matches that would be great sells. Hogan-Cena, Hogan-Triple H, Hogan-Umaga, etc.

Also, appearing on Monday's show are Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff, Trish Stratus, and there will also be a special family portrait of the McMahon family which will include Vince's "illegitimate child," Hornswoggle.

Business, sure looks like it's about to pick up!

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