Friday, December 07, 2007

The Intolerance of Mike Francesa and Some Other Things

A couple of things to post about here and I will start with that after tonight I will only have one job (my day job) to concentrate on for the next two weeks, which will provide me with a nice bit of respite. The last three months have flown by, except for the last week or so. I am dragging.

Anyway, I received two awards for my poems, "I Can’t Reach You" and "Pure and Easy," which, of course, makes me very happy! I sent that collection of poems, Substitute, to The Who’s manager Bill Curbishley back in September. I plan on sending Mr. Curbishley another email. It’s really just a tribute to their music and not really anything else. But built on some ideas that I had that came from their songs. So thanks Pete!

The Rangers followed up a resounding victory over the Ottawa Senators with two clunkers. Ah, the ebb and flow of the long NHL season.

I was flipping through the channels recently and came across the NHL Network. Pretty cool and they show a lot of classic stuff, which is nice to see.

I never got people making fun of hockey’s lack of ratings. Why? What’s the point? Been there done that...

Speaking of ratings, the Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots’ game was the highest rated in cable t.v. history. Meanwhile, according to Billboard, number one again for the category of recreational sports DVDs this week is John Cena: My Life. By the way, I would be genuinely bummed if I found out that John Cena ever used steroids, which the former W.W.E. Champion has repeatedly denied ever using any performance enhancing drug. Irv Muchnick – not related to Phil but still a schmuck nonetheless – insists that Cena should take an independent drug test. Uh, Irv, who died and made you king?

As far as Mike Francesa goes, I was going to write a long rant and rave about him and some others of his ilk and then a saying went through my head. Here’s how it goes:

Does it have to be said?
Does it have to be said now?
Does it have to be said by me?

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