Friday, December 14, 2007

Should The Last 20 Years Of Baseball Be Whitewashed?

The New York Post's Mike Vaccaro says the Yankees' reign in the late 1990s is tainted because of the widespread steroid use among some of the club's prominent players during that era. However, he also adds that the usage of performance enhancing drugs was universal in M.L.B. So should we just blot out the whole 20-year era (1987-2007)? That's assuming that the era has stopped! Did it begin before '87? Who knows.

Can anyone reasonably elect any of these ballplayers to the Hall of Fame with a clear conscience? I heard Mike and The Mad Dog - the two are "borderline" and their blather unsustainable for me these days - say that the report told us nothing and that the only surprise was Andy Pettitte. How about Mike Stanton? Chuck Knoblauch? Seventeen Mets!

By the way, does anyone really think that Chris"Mad Dog"Russo can get more lost by criticizing the political career of George Mitchell? Hey, Mitchell is a Democrat, but I still respect his career. Maybe those guys can also ease up on Mitchell a bit, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August. Didn't they learn anything from the Cory Lidle tragedy? Apparently not. And people wonder why I prefer anything on my radio, but Mike and the Mad Dog.

Bottom line is that this is just another sad story in pro sports and in our society.

Anyhoo, click here to read the Vaccaro story.

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