Friday, December 07, 2007

Huge W.W.E. Raw News Regarding Sunny

What a wild week it has been in the world of professional wrestling. First, the big announcements came on Monday night that Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, and Steve Austin would be appearing on this Monday night’s Raw. Then we heard Stratus was out, now she’s back in again. Now we hear a few more big things have been added to the show.

A battle royal, presumably with past and present stars from Monday Night Raw; the reunion of Evolution which consists of Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton; plus we get a ladder match between Carlito (is he or isn’t he leaving the W.W.E?) and Jeff Hardy. OK first off, if Carlito is indeed leaving and possibly going to T.N.A., expect him to get mauled in this match. For Hardy, well, the Intercontinental Champion’s stock continues to rise and I’m not sure if I would put him in a ladder match this close to Sunday’s huge showdown with Triple H at the Armageddon pay-per-view. So what else?

Well, now comes word that Tammy”Sunny”Sytch will be at Raw? I can hear the flashbulbs popping when the former “buns of the year” award winner struts out to the ring. It’s funny, because only within the last few days did I read some highlights of what Sunny had to say on a recent radio interview. Sunny said that after a few years out of the business and overcoming some personal demons, she is fit and ready to come back full-time. Sytch (pictured above) was at one time the most downloaded woman on AOL!

One other thing before I forget, there will be a family portrait of the McMahons which will include, of course, Hornswoggle. This all comes live to you from the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT., which is the perfect arena for a Raw to take place. Eight o’clock eastern time is when we will hear Jim Ross enthusiastically open the broadcast with, “We are live from the sold out Arena at Harbor Yard…”

Is it Monday night yet?


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