Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pure and Easy

The year is almost through and so I decided to post two of my poems that received some recognition. It's always nice to receive accolades for something, too often, I think we all feel as though we get overlooked at times.

The first poem, "Pure and Easy," was awarded the Editor's Choice Award for outstanding poetry from the National Association of Poets & Writers. For the second poem, "I Can't Reach You," I was given a Certificate for Outstanding Creativity by the same organization. Both poems came from my Substitute chapbook. Incidentally, I sent two emails to The Who's Bill Curbishley. The second he responded to and said he liked my concept of Substitute and would forward the link to the poems to the band. This, of course, made me happy, but I don't get overly crazy about these things. An acknowledgement of receipt from either Pete Townshend or Roger Daltrey would be like hitting the jackpot. I'm really just glad someone is reading them. I've been quite lucky with people responding to my emails the last year or so. Anne Rice got back to me, which was really cool and then of course there is my buddy Phil...oh forget it.

To wrap things up, the above video is of Pete Townshend doing the song "Pure and Easy" which gave me the groundwork to come up with a poem. I have been unable to find a video for "I Can't Reach You."

Pure and Easy
Playfully rain falls down
Upon my windshield,
Running up the glass before
Evaporating into nothingness,
As I drive feverishly toward
Drunk on her
Effervescence, with she
Awaiting, and me,

I Can't Reach You
If we only learned a proper way to communicate,
Colluding our true feelings,
And working out our discrepancies,
Nothing would prohibit our love,
'twas once this was so easy,
That was many moons ago,
Eventually we will part,
Anger piercing through our core,
Confiscating any and all blissfulness,
Holding our hearts hostage,
You and I divided,
Our once amorous souls,
Undressed and again single entities.

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