Monday, December 17, 2007

Inside The Squared Circle: Armageddon Results, How My Predictions Went, Broadcasting Job Opening at W.W.E., Ashley Massaro/Survivor, Heenan Surgery

Another W.W.E. pay-per-view has come and gone and as usual the reviews are mixed. I quickly checked input from fans on a couple of websites this morning and it never ceases to amaze me that some love and some hate the exact same things. But such makes the world go round, I guess. We’ll look at what happened at Armageddon and what I predicted:

We now have a new World Heavyweight Champion and it’s Edge. The master opportunist struck again by pinning Batista after he was befallen by The Undertaker’s “tombstone” piledriver. The Major Brothers acted as impostors for Edge, so in essence there were three “Edges” involved in the bout. I’m curious to see where this one goes. It’s been rumored that Edge might be the one who would end Undertaker’s 15-0 record at Wrestlemania, so we’ll see.
What I thought would happen: I predicted Undertaker would take home the gold and that Edge would get knocked around pretty good by ‘Taker and Batista. Edge must have read my blog, because he evened the odds for himself by recruiting The Majors, Brett and Brian.

Chris Jericho defeated W.W.E. Champion Randy Orton after JBL jumped Jericho when it looked as though Orton would submit to the “Walls of Jericho,” which in my youth was simply called the “Boston Crab.” Therefore, Orton was disqualified and retains the title. John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) is reportedly now back full-time and will engage in a feud with Jericho.
What I thought would happen: I bullseyed this one! What I predicted is exactly what occurred. I have exorcised the demons!

Jeff Hardy escaped Triple H’s finisher, “The Pedigree,” to topple Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the duke. Hardy, the Intercontinental Champion, will now face Orton at the Royal Rumble for the W.W.E. Championship.
What I thought would happen: “Somehow, someway, I think Hardy wins.” Score another one for me, el fabuloso blogger!

From what I read the Shawn Michaels-Mr. Kennedy match was the best on the show, and what else could you expect from HBK. The man’s goal throughout his career has always been to put on the best performance of all the wrestlers, whether he was on the undercard or in the main event. That’s pride! Michaels delivered his “Sweet Chin Music” to deck Mr. Kennedy for the pinfall victory.
What I thought would happen: “Michaels wins but gets knocked around after the match by Mr. Kennedy, thus continuing the feud.” I also added “Michaels always elevates his competition, hence the well-deserved moniker “the showstopper.” I guess I was mostly right.

Rey Mysterio won via count-out over U.S. Champion M.V.P. The vox populi (voice of the people for those of you scoring at home) say it was a good contest but a disappointing finish. M.V.P. simply walked off after having enough.
What I thought would happen: “I look for there to be a new U.S. Champ at the conclusion of this one.” NOT!

Two of the biggest human beings on earth, Big Daddy V and Mark Henry beat CM Punk and Kane after Big Daddy delivered a Samoan Drop on Punk to score the pinfall. I read it was a fairly good match, however, it kind of made the E.C.W. World Champ look bad when he came off the top rope in attempt to hit a clothesline on Daddy and was caught mid-air. Daddy then delivered the finisher.
What I thought would happen: I thought Kane would turn on Punk, and all three would beat him senseless. No dice.

Finlay defeated The Great Khali after Hornswoggle delivered a low blow to Khali, which allowed Finlay to use his shillelagh to garner a pinfall win.
What I thought would happen: This one I also got right. Although, Khali is 7'3" and Hornswoggle is 4'4", so would that be considered a low blow or a high blow?

Beth Phoenix retained her W.W.E. Women’s Championship by beating Mickie James
What I thought would happen: “Phoenix wins convincingly.” Apparently, James did get in some moves before being decimated.

I did OK with my predictions, I was actually hoping to be way off. Controversy may create cash, but unpredictability makes for high ratings. I am quite surprised that there are now two heel champions in World Champ Edge and W.W.E. Champ Randy Orton. If anyone at the W.W.E. is reading this, how about putting those two former tag team partners in the ring against one another at Raw tonight? Isn't it time we once again had an undisputed champion?

-The W.W.E. has an opening for a color commentator on Friday Night Smackdown since JBL is now returning to the ring. I know a blogger that would love to ride shotgun with Michael Cole!
- Ashley Massaro (shown above) was on The Survivor: China reunion show last night. She is scheduled to be back in a W.W.E. ring any day now.
-Bobby” The Brain”Heenan underwent jaw surgery Friday in which bone from his hip and thigh were to be used to rebuild his jaw that was damaged due to radiation for throat cancer. Word is that Heenan would have to be put in a coma for several days following the surgery. Only good thoughts go out for “The Brain.”

Keep it in the Ring!

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