Friday, December 28, 2007

Inside The Squared Circle: Best And Worst Wrestling Stories, Kane Presidential Endorsement, Cena Return? Flair's Last Match? More Heenan Surgery

The darkest day to be a wrestling fan was June 25, 2007. It was late that day that police announced that Chris Benoit committed suicide after killing his wife, Nancy, and son, Daniel. A horrible and unexplainable story that was only made worse and more sensational by the sloppy reporting of Nancy Grace, some on Fox News, a few on MSNBC, and many on CNN.

By contrast, a great day to be a wrestling fan came this past Monday night when the W.W.E. aired its "Tribute to the Troops" broadcast from Iraq. I'm not sure how many of the troops were in the old soccer stadium - a few thousand - but they were as raucous a bunch as any that I have heard this year from any one of the huge arenas the W.W.E. visits. Just think, a wrestling event being put on in a stadium that Saddam Hussein allegedly had the Iraqi national soccer team executed in! Great job out of World Wrestling Entertainment for putting on a tremendous show for the true heroes. The film crew also did a nice job of going behind the scenes and showing us what's been going on in the lives of the soldiers; giving the viewer real insight.

An otherwise slow week, but the news is as follows...

W.W.E. superstar, Kane, has endorsed Ron Paul for President.

Steve Austin has legally changed his name to "Steve Austin."

Hillary Clinton's campaign staff posted a video on the W.W.E.'s website in which she thanks the troops on Christmas Eve, though Clinton did not mention the wrestling promotion on the video.

John Cena has apparently rehabbed his torn pectoral muscle to the point that there is now talk of him returning at Wrestlemania 24 on March 30, 2008.

The last I read, around 70,000 tickets have been sold for Wrestlemania which is being held at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. It doesn't look like they will be putting many more tickets up for sale. The W.W.E. broke the indoor attendance record at Wrestlemania III by drawing over 93,000. I'd love to see them have another audience up around the 90 or 100,000 neighborhood. I'm not sure why more seats aren't being used at Wrestlemania 24. This event is outdoors, so that may have something to do with it.

Ric Flair will face Triple H this Saturday night in his "backyard" in Greensboro, North Carolina. The bout will air Monday night in one of the few taped Raws of the year. If Flair loses, his career ends.

Tickets for the Royal Rumble at Madison Square Garden, will go on sale this Saturday morning.

Let's all hope for the best for Bobby"The Brain"Heenan who is undergoing a second surgery this week to rebuild his jaw. The first surgery was not successful and Heenan remains in an induced coma. Reports are saying that he will slowly be brought out of the coma within the next few days following the surgery.

Instead of "Keep it in the Ring," I'll close with a slogan used by one of the soldiers who was interviewed on the "Tribute to the Troops" show..

Treat 'em rough!

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