Monday, December 03, 2007

Inside The Squared Circle: Jim Ross Gets Back To Me, Jericho Kicks Off Raw, More About Tonight, Hall Up To His Old Tricks, Huge Return in the Works?

I am a regular visitor to Jim Ross' s website and decided to post a comment recently, to which Jim Ross responded to yesterday. The exchange follows:

Sean Kilkelly Says:
Jim, You are one of the finest broadcasters in all of sports/entertainment along with Jerry Lawler. I really love that Legends show on WWE 24/7 and hope to see more. One of the things that got me hooked on wrestling when I was a little kid was the masked wrestlers. Is there or do you think there will be a special on some of the great masked wrestlers or more specifically masked vs. masked. I remember one in particular at MSG, but I was like 7 or so, so I can’t remember the exact participants. Anyway, after a long rant, keep up the great work!posted on November 23rd, 2007 at 11:09 am

Sean- I too loved the masked wrestlers back in the day. I think it is a great idea for WWE 24/7 to feature some of the greatest masked wrestlers over the years. It is strange why more masked men are not utilized these days other than of course the great Rey Mysterio. As a kid, I was scared to death of the masked Assassins who were one of the greatest teams I ever saw which I write about in “J.R.’s Cookbook”, believe it or not. I also remember Danny Hodge having a feud with the masked “Great Bolo” who wore a built up wrestling boot which resulted in the boot being “loaded” and used as a weapon. Ah, the good, old days.

Thanks Jim for getting back to me. Mr. Ross has been at this for a long time. Incidentally, the above photo is of one of the most famous masked men, "Man of a Thousand Masks" Mil Mascaras, who had some legendary matches with both "Superstar" Billy Graham and Bob Backlund. Former President Jimmy Carter's favorite wrestler is said to be Mr. Wrestling II, who was invited to the White House when Carter was in office, but turned down the invitation. Why? Because secret service would have had Mr. Wrestling II remove his mask, of course. Anyway, you can read Jim Ross's latest blog entry here.

Chris Jericho will be first up tonight on Monday Night Raw. Randy Orton accepted Jericho's challenge after last week's Raw, so the two will meet December 16 at the Armageddon pay-per-view for the W.W.E. Championship.

- Snitsky will challenge tonight for the Intercontinental Title in a bout against Jeff Hardy.

- Mr. Kennedy will run the gauntlet, presumably facing some of Shawn Michaels old opponents.

- At last night's T.N.A.(Total Nonstop Action) pay-per-view, Turning Point, Scott Hall no-showed, which forced Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe to team up with Eric Young against the Angle Alliance. Nash, who is Hall's buddy, almost came to blows with Samoa Joe after the match because Joe went addressed the arena crowd about Hall and essentially went on a verbal tirade about Hall's absenteeism . Later, Joe apologized to Nash and the rest of the T.N.A roster. Hall's reason for not being at the event was he claimed due to "food poisoning." Hall's history suggest his story to be just that, "a story."

- "Psycho" Sid confirmed in a recent radio interview that he has been in talks with Vince McMahon and most certainly would like to return to the mat. He discounted T.N.A. as an option saying that he wouldn't be able to perform in front of over 80,000 people with T.N.A. The 6'11", 300 pound monster's reign as W.W.E. World Champ is regarded as one of the most $ucce$$ful in company history.

Keep it in the Ring!

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