Thursday, December 20, 2007


Circuit City = Silly.

Norton = Silly.

Two recently heard sillies: The worst thing the Yankees did was re-sign Rivera. Is that even worthy of a reply? Here’s another one: I got down on the ice at halftime of a Rangers game. Wow! You’re a big sports fan.

Meanwhile, I just can’t believe Chris Simon is still in the NHL. Stomping a player with your skate is not silly, just sick, plain and simple. The N.H.L. can be awfully silly about things, at times.

The New York Rangers lose to Phoenix, but clobber the Pittsburgh Penguins. Silly.

I’ve heard the Democrats want Mike Huckabee to get the Republican nomination because they think he would be easy prey. Be careful. I'll paraphrase something that Al Pacino said in the Devil’s Advocate - "I’m successful ‘cause they never see me comin'." A lot of people dump on that movie, but I liked it.

How's that hunt for Usama bin Laden going? Or should I say Usama been forgotten! A serious situation made silly, courtesy of bureaucracy!

Incidentally, I heard a film critic discussing Charlie Wilson’s War, say that the faction which the United States supported in Afghanistan during the ‘80s against the Soviets later became al-Qaeda. This topic is rather cloudy and I have not read anything that has definitively stated what exactly happened to our weapons. The U.S. was in fact, supporting the Northern Alliance led by Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud (who was killed by a couple of al-Qaeda guys disguised as reporters on September 9, 2001). Some of our arms were being funneled into Afghanistan through Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (similar to the U.S.’s FBI).

It’s never been made clear to me that our arms did end up in the hands of the more radical fighters or those that were not part of the Northern Alliance. What has been proven, is that a mosque on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn was recruiting men to go fight in Afghanistan. This mosque would later be the meeting place of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers. It’s a very tangled web and one that’s not silly, but has lacked a clear explanation. Silly though, that it has never been unraveled, what say you?

On the much lighter side, W.W.E. Women’s Champ Beth Phoenix (pictured above) was kept off of this past week’s Monday Night Raw. The reason? Well, the card was held in Buffalo, N.Y., which is Beth’s hometown. Yeah, and? OK take it easy, the W.W.E. didn’t want a “heel” to get cheered. I interpret that to mean that the W.W.E.’s writers aren’t doing a good enough job putting her over as a “villain” or a “bad guy," or girl in this case. Silly. Maybe, it’s not really silly and I just like the picture and wanted to post it. Something to ponder…

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