Friday, December 28, 2007

Odds & Sods

In no particular order of importance...
I saw Charlie Wilson's War and I'll say right now that it is a five-star movie! I was so impressed with it - yes the book is better, but the movie did not disappoint. It has been a couple of years since I finished the book, but watching the movie brought me right back. The only book that is not better than the movie is Jaws. Author Peter Benchley's novel differs in that it describes in detail a tryst between Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Chief Brody's wife (Lorraine Gary). Ill, cooties! Thankfully, the storyline in the film did not follow suit!

As far as Charlie Wilson's War, some critics said it favored liberals. I didn't get that at all. I thought it portrayed political decisions as not always being black and white. There was also a very cryptic scene toward the end...that I won't mention, you'll just have to go and see the movie. But, I'll give you a hint, it occurs when Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) is gloating about the victory in Afghanistan on the deck of an apartment with Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymour Hoffman). There's a distinct sound that is a portent of things to come. Chilling.

As far as politics go, how come whenever I ask what Hillary Clinton has done as United States Senator that warrants her being the leader of the free world, people get all fired up. I just want someone to name one single, solitary piece of legislation that she has voted for that has been good for the people of New York.

On the other side of the coin, when is someone going to mention the number of deferments that Rudy Giuliani got that kept him from going to Vietnam?

Is this country's best and brightest the aforementioned two jabronis?

As I told a friend, I'm pulling for the Giants big-time this Saturday night because A: I'm a fan, and B: Don Shula is my boy!

So yes, I will be watching the Giants-Pats' game this Saturday night...and you thought I would be at the Manhattan Center trying to get Tammy"Sunny"Sytch's autograph. That's just silly! But a viable option if it weren't December and freezing!

Merril Hoge = (Fill in Obscenity)

Chris Berman's act is: a) still funny b) wearing thin c) obnoxious, idiotic, and childish. What say you?

Boxing's Floyd Mayweather is mulling a possible jump to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Good luck! Mark Cuban is trying to lure Mayweather to his "HDNet Fights," a mixed martial arts promotion. Cuban stated in September that he was in talks with Vince McMahon in hopes of teaming up to get an M.M.A. federation off the ground.

Mixed Martial Artist Bob Sapp is currently in negotiations with the W.W.E. If the deal goes through, Sapp would most likely be used primarily in Japan where he is a huge star and the W.W.E.'s attendance has been lagging of late.

It's funny that Glen Sather was known as being pretty tough as a player, but when it comes to his own teams he never seems to be able to have the right mix of tough guys. The Rangers sorely need a physical presence on the blueline, if they intend on going far in the playoffs.

It pains me to say it, but the N.H.L. just has no clue when it comes to marketing its stars. They've got an awesome crop of young players - even some not named Crosby or Staal - and they just continue to be inept in the marketing department. Can someone please remind me why they lost an entire year for a lockout? Can someone also please tell me why Gary Bettman has bee a good commissioner?

Separated at birth: Underrated actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (top picture) and overrated ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon (bottom picture).

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Rob Adams said...

Love Odds and Sods!

Anyway, allow me to respond to two items of interest:

Merril Hoge = Former Steeler. Vince Young-hater (don't really know why)

Chris Berman's act is: a) still funny b) wearing thin c) obnoxious, idiotic, and childish. What say you? D! It was funny in 1992. His only redeeming value at this point is that he's a Huey Lewis fan!