Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ric Flair Will Never Retire...It's Not A Put-On Unfortunately!

Reportedly, Ric Flair is set to take big money to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome on January 4 against Japanese legend Masa Chono. Flair is saying that his retirement only counted in the U.S. and Europe. Sad.

Flair was given the best farewell match he could every hope for at Wrestlemania 24 against Shawn Michaels and - although I have only seen Chono wrestle once- it is quite doubtful that Ric will get that same kind of match again; looking at it from an in-ring perspective. Michaels is a unique guy because he makes everyone look their best, just ask Chris Jericho. Now Flair will look to cash in once more against someone that won't be able to "put over" Ric as Michaels did. The fans just aren't going to buy it and I fear it may backfire on Ric Flair.

Of course, Flair can do what he wants and it seems that nobody in the entertainment world truly stays retired, but Ric Flair at this point seems to be damaging his legacy. Flair left his role as a W.W.E. ambassador because he felt that he could make more money as an indy. The underlying reason behind all of this is what is truly sad to me, which is that Ric Flair just never learned to save his money and now he will wrestle and make autograph signing appearances until he literally drops.

The "Ric Flair Story" should have a better ending than this. If only the whole Flair-Chono thing was a put-on!

No, it's an "Eminence Front" indeed!

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wweisright said...

Ric Flair made the biggest mistake of his career when he left the guaranteed money on the table that the WWE was paying him to do nothing.