Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Me and My Brother Lundqvist

Well, last night Joel Lundqvist and the Dallas Stars defeated his brother, Henrik and the New York Rangers 2-1 at Madison Square Garden. Funny that MSG asked the sister of the two brothers how she would like the night to play out and she said that she would like to see Joel score the winner against Hank in a shootout! Wow! Usually when there is ever a sibling matchup in any sport, you get a panned answer from the other family members. Glad to see someone has an opinion.

Meanwhile, former Blueshirt Sean Avery is not short of opinions as he not only said some degrading things about backup goalie, Stephen Valiquette, but also got into it verbally with MSG reporter, John Giannone.

I never liked Avery’s game and always felt that he would hurt his team in a big spot. I'm glad he took Dallas' money as a free agent.

Good riddance!

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