Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A quick few thoughts on a cacophony of items...

Another debate tonight in which we most likely will not get anything answered as to where the candidates stand on abortion, illegal immigration, the ineptitude of the United Nations, what our role in Afghanistan is and how long we will be there and which candidate will put more cops on the street. No we will hear the same talking points that have made the first two debates more like stump speeches.

Sad news about Rangers' prospect Alex Cherepanov passing away at the age of 19. There are so many conflicting stories about how this young man passed away that we will probably never know the truth.

Within the last couple of weeks there have been a bunch of books hitting the shelves that I would love to read. Bret Hart's book, Anne Rice's memoir and Chris Jericho's book in paperback. Currently I am flying through a biography on Pete Townshend, but I also am very much looking forward to another book coming out around Thanksgiving about the great Danny Hodge.

Who is he, exactly? Quite possibly one of the best all-around athletes in the history of sport in America. In four years as a standout wrestler at the University of Oklahoma the guy was never knocked off his feet once!

Can you say 'legit badass'?

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