Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inside The Squared Circle: Why Lance Cade Is Gone, Bobby Lashley Update, M.M.A. Influence on W.W.E, Cena/Orton Return

The W.W.E is gearing up for another pay-per-view a week from this Sunday, Cyber Sunday. The concept is pretty cool in that they allow fans to vote via text message for the match stipulations and in some cases the matchups themsleves. My problem with it is that it costs fans 99 cents per vote, which isn’t going to make or break anyone hopefully, but does the vote really matter?

I’ve read Honky Tonk Man has said he probably won’t be able to wrestle due to a finger that got badly injured while fooling around with his guitar, so why is he one of the possibilities to face Santino Marella?

I can’t see many people voting to see another Matt Hardy-Mark Henry match or even Hardy-Finlay, so the obvious pick is for Evan Bourne to face Matt Hardy, which would be a pay-per-view quality match in my opinion. But we’ll the W.W.E. go that route or are they going to go with the overdone Hardy-Henry match. My point? I don’t like the fans getting fleeced and that would certainly be the case if the votes have no real impact. Along the same lines, I’m wondering if the economy is going to have a significant impact on the buy rate of the W.W.E. pay-per-views and will they have to cut back on the 14 they have per year.

Elsewhere, Jim Ross has revealed in his recent blog that Lance Cade was released by the W.W.E. due to some sort of incident on an airplane. I never saw Cade’s potential, but that’s me. On the other hand, I think he would be a good pickup for T.N.A.

Bobby Lashley begins his mixed martial arts career in December down in Florida.

Karen Angle is done with T.N.A which coincides with her marriage to Kurt.

I read that Vince McMahon wants the W.W.E. to appear more "real." This shows me that the popularity of mixed martial arts is having an impact on pro wrestling, despite McMahon saying that UFC and the like are not competitors of the W.W.E.

Randy Orton and John Cena are expected to return at some point next month; as the expression goes, “business is about to pick up!”

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