Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Odds & Sods

What an amazing win for the New York Giants last night! I’m not shocked, but I am really, really happily surprised! This Giants’ defense just played absolutely unbelievable and basically tossed a perfect game against New England. I really can’t imagine them having played any better. No matter what sport, I love watching great defenses and to me this 2007-2008 Giants defense was great! The above two men, Osi and Michael, are definitely one of the best defensive end tandems in the history of the N.F.L.

Quote of the night came from Giants' running back Brandon Jacobs: “We won the Super Bowl! We won the Super Bowl! We upset their asses!”

The Giants weren’t the only ones that had a super day on Sunday. The New York Rangers overcame a three-goal deficit to win on the road against Montreal in an afternoon game. For the Blueshirts, this is their third straight win and they have now won three of four since the All-Star break. Incredibly, the Rangers had four rookies in the lineup on Sunday that all played vital roles in the win: Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Marc Staal and Nigel Dawes.

Last year, Sean Avery gave the Rangers a much needed shot in the arm that propelled them into the playoffs. This year, however, I’m counting on the youth of the Broadway Blues to get them charged up for a playoff run.

Ah yes, once again the dreaded three-goal lead reared it's ugly head!

For whatever reason, Alex Kovalev always saves his best for his former team, the New York Rangers. Yet, I get tired of hearing that New York made a mistake trading him. Kovalev did two tours with the Rangers and underachieved. Whatever it was, it just wasn’t a marriage meant for the long haul. But he was an invaluable piece of the puzzle in 1994.

I’m voting for John McCain tomorrow. From the beginning I liked Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee, but Hunter’s campaign went nowhere, and I am just not very sold on Huckabee. I respect McCain’s service both in the military and in politics. He’s a straight shooter, which is refreshing. I just wish that conservative talkies like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh would stop bashing McCain and get behind him.

I’m not going to rule out Mitt Romney or Huckabee having a “super” day tomorrow, mostly because this country loves governors! It’s been a long time (JFK) since the folks elected a senator. But I think that trend will change this year!

I feel bad for Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan and all the others. I even feel sorry for Tom Cruise. I just can’t stand to see people get beat up on. It’s like in a schoolyard where you have one kid being beaten up by thirty! Wow those thirty are really proving their toughness! Look, you won’t see me giving up Pete Townshend’s music for Britney’s, but I don’t ever want to live a life where I have no compassion for others. Sadly, that’s what I see from way too many people!

Brock Lesnar did not have a super Saturday, losing to Frank Mir in 1:30 of the first round at the UFC pay-per-view. I’m really, really happy I didn’t exert any energy in going to watch this bout. I would have been super – there’s that word again – disappointed.

Finally, Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, so you might want to go head on over to Super Duper Weenie tomorrow and load up on "fat" Tuesday.

Hey, I couldn’t say “supersize” it, that’s just too easy.

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