Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Inside The Squared Circle: Two Weeks Of Raw Results, Bizarre Storyline Coming To Raw, Where Was Triple H?

Due to the W.W.E. going on tour to Alaska, South Korea and Japan, they taped two episodes of Monday Night Raw last night. Both tapings naturally occurred in the same arena in Austin, Texas. Here are the results with some comments:

The show opened with a contract signing between Randy Orton and John Cena for their W.W.E. Championship match at No Way Out on February 17. After Cena signed the contract, Mark Henry came down and distracted Cena, which allowed Orton to nail Cena with the “R.K.O.”

Kelly Kelly & Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix & Victoria.
-They’re building on this whole angle that Mickie can’t beat Beth Phoenix. But the other story I saw in this was that Phoenix took off right after her tag team partner Victoria got pinned. The only women’s match I would really be interested in seeing, is Phoenix defending the W.W.E. Women’s Championship against Victoria at Wrestlemania.

Mr. Kennedy def. Super Crazy.
- Everyone talks about how talented Kennedy is, but I find him to be a bit of a bore-snore.

Carlito and Santino Marella beat Brian Kendrick and Paul London.
- Can’t understand for the life of me why they are burying Kendrick & London.

Cody Rhodes & "Hardcore" Holly defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.
- Eventually Cade will turn on Murdoch.

Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels defeated JBL, Umaga and Snitsky.
- Very good match. But I could do without seeing Snitsky's brown teeth up close!

Cena wins arm wrestling match via disqualification over Mark Henry.
- Predictable finish with Randy Orton getting involved. However, Cena was ready for Orton, who ended up turning tail and running out of the ring. Cena then picked up the huge Mark Henry in a “fireman’s carry” and slammed him, showing an unbelievable amount of strength.

- Triple H was tending to a family emergency and was not at either taping. From what I have read, a Triple H promo may be taped at the W.W.E.'s Stamford, CT. headquarters and inserted into next week’s episode.
-Paul London, Lance Cade and Val Venis all returned from injury.
-A promo was aired hyping Candice Michelle's return. Incidentally, her Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial got axed.

*SPOILERS* Raw Results for Next Week
Hornswoggle defeated Vince McMahon in a no disqualification match.
- Finlay interfered by hitting Mr. McMahon with a shillelagh. A segment is aired showing Vince saying he would fire Finlay. But later on he goes back on that and instead announces a steel cage match the following week (2/18) against Hornswoggle.

Chris Jericho defeated JBL.
- After the match, Umaga comes to the ring and attacks both men. I guess this shows that JBL's money hasn't persuaded the "Samoan Bulldozer" to take his side at No Way Out.

Paul Burchill beat Brian Kendrick.
- Paul Burchill and Katie Lea debuted with their "incest" angle. Good grief is all that comes to my mind!

John Cena defeated Mark Henry.
- After the match Cena and Orton have an in-ring stare down

Mr. Kennedy calls out Ric Flair and then attacks his supposedly injured leg.
- The Flair retirement storyline hasn't gotten me just yet. A Michaels-Flair match at Wrestlemania would, however!

Melina beats Maria.
- Didn't we just see this match a couple of weeks ago? The reported outcome is that Jillian Hall distracts Maria by kissing Santino Marella. Santino then blames it all on Playboy and tells Maria that she has to choose him or Playboy next week. I bet this is really funny! I find Marella to be hysterical!

Jeff Hardy defeated Shawn Michaels.
- Even though I know the outcome, I can't wait to see this match!

Keep it in the Ring!

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