Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Anne Rice's New Book

I have been wondering when the release of Anne Rice's new book will be, so I emailed her and inquired:

Dear Anne,
I am eagerly anticipating the release of your new book. I was wondering when it will be released in hardcover? Paperback? Thanks very much. Your work has had a huge impact on my life!
Best of luck,

She wrote back to me with this:

Sean ---- Thank you. The hardcover of Christ the Lord, the Road to Cana will be published on March 4th. I imagine the paperback will come a year later. I'll post news on my website when I have it. We are about to put up some early reviews, letters, and acknowledgements. We also have two Youtube films (links on the website) about research materials that went into the writing of both books. Let me thank you again for your interest. I'm truly grateful. Anne.

It's really a thrill for me to hear back from someone whose work I so greatly admire. For the cold-water throwers out there, yes, it is her and not an assistant. She says on her website that she replies to as many emails as she can get to. Apparently, she got to mine!

Can't wait to read the book!


Rob Adams said...

Sean - even if it was her assistant, nobody would know the difference! I think it's really cool, and I believe it came straight from her.

It's another reminder that not every person with some form of fame is a jerk. That's something that we both know.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Yes I believe it came from her also. Because she says on her website that she answers her email and that's why she can't get to all of it.

Working in radio all these years I am on the watch for contrarians, skeptics and haters which is why I was anticipating someone saying that it wasn't her. I'm glad you are in agreeance with me.

Anne Rice said...

The email came from me. Thank you. Anne