Thursday, February 28, 2008

N.H.L. Trade Deadline Recap

It's been a couple of days since the National Hockey League's trade deadline came and went, so I guess I needed it all to settle in before I was able to form an opinion on it. As I perused the transaction wire Tuesday night, the words 'overpaid' and 'boring' kept going through my mind.

None of the New York area teams did anything very significant, much to the dismay of many. However, as a Rangers' fan I'm glad they did not catch any of the big fish that were out there, because the price would have been way too heavy. But the market determines how these things go and due to the fact that so many teams are in contention for a playoff spot, there were more "buyers" as opposed to "sellers."

Brad Richards will definitely help Dallas, Marian Hossa WILL NOT push the Pens any further in the playoffs and though Brian Campbell was a nice pickup by the Sharks, they will have to overpay financially for him.

It still boggles my mind that the N.H.L. lost a full year of play and yet Chris Drury, Daniel Briere and now Brian Campbell are all allowed to walk out of Buffalo. Why bother being a fan of the Sabres if they refuse to open up their purse strings now and again?

There wasn't anything that jumped out at me as the kind of deal that maybe went under the radar. Seeing Sergei Federov in Washington is interesting, but would have been more exciting if Federov was 10 years younger.

It is good to see Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg back in Colorado with Joe Sakic. Although it would be nicer if the Avs found a way to make the playoffs.

For a list of the deals, click here.

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