Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Ghost of Owen Hart?

Stories of Owen Hart's "ghost" have been making the rounds the last few days. From what I have been reading, his "ghost" has been spotted along with occurrences of flickering lights inside the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. That venue is where Owen tragically fell to his death during a W.W.E. pay-per-view event on May 23, 1999. Fortunately for fans watching at home, they did not see the fall, which was due to a malfunction in the pulley system that was lowering Owen down to the ring. Owen was entering the ring from the rafters as part of his "Blue Blazer" gimmick at the pay-per-view which was eerily called Over the Edge. I'll always contend that had Owen lived, he would have gone on to greater fame than his older brother, Bret. Owen was that good in my estimation! For more on the story, click here.

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Sean G. Kilkelly said...

By the way, this story has become too big for me to have ignored it. I would not have posted anything about it if it had just been from some conspiracy theorists or those of the fringe element.

How do I feel about ghosts? Well, there have been far too many ghost sightings in general for me to be dismissive.

As far as the validity of this particular story? That's up to you.