Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Status

I just get a huge laugh at some of these wankers that are constantly posting there whereabouts every second of the day on Facebook. I’m on the corner of Smith and Elm…come look for me. I will be on Channel 2, check me out. I have a column in the Journal Star, come read it! Arghh!!!

It has become plain to me that there are some folks on these Websites that are only interested in hawking their products or whatever it is they do. Forget about getting back in touch or anything like that, it is a perpetual advertisement from some folks. It is amazing also that some people don’t show up when they say they will or they take on this incredible sense of self-importance. They expect you to buy their album or read their whatever, yet when it comes to responding to an email their fingers strangely can’t do any walking or when it comes to just being a decent human being they show that they are in actuality, big nothings.

Yes, there are people that I have “hid” on my Facebook account and some that I have just deleted altogether. But after about a year of joining Facebook and a couple of other such Websites, I really have come to question lately if it is a worthwhile experience in my life.

I have no problem with people promoting their stuff, but after a while it becomes really, really draining and in fact, not effective. Because, in reality, it becomes a turnoff and comes across as being quite desperate. Here's a little friendly advice: reciprocation is key. If I buy your album, at the very least you should be a tad bit respectful to me. I don't think it is much to ask.

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