Friday, August 28, 2009

Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk on Smackdown!

CM Punk will defend the World Championship tonight on Smackdown against Jeff Hardy inside a steel cage. The match was taped on Tuesday night and is said to be a classic!

Also, mixed reviews from what I have seen about the new DVD, The Rise and Fall of W.C.W. I could imagine that the W.W.E. wants to make W.C.W. look bad, which isn't too hard. But I'm not sure why they would want to continue to bury the old promotion since it is now defunct and the video library is fully under their control.

Rey Mysterio's suspension will begin next Wednesday, so that gives the W.W.E. the opportunity to take the Intercontinental Championship off of him, plus add some sort of injury to the mix to make an excuse for his absence.

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