Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday Night Raw/E.C.W. Thoughts

Let's start with Monday Night Raw....

I think that Freddie Prinze Jr. did the best job of all the celeb hosts so far because he wasn't the main focus of the show. He played a role and that was that. As much as I like Shaq, I watch wrestling to see wrestling. Kind of a neat concept.

As far as the show goes, I think bell-to-bell it featured the best wrestling of any Raw show this summer. I know that the Internet critics didn't think much of Gail Kim-Mickie James because the ending didn't come off so crisp, but let's face facts, the show is live and there are no do-overs during live television.

Kofi Kingston and Carlito put on a really good match and it's too bad that Miz apparently will be the next challenger for Kingston's U.S. Title. I'd like to see them develop the Kingston-Carlito thing a bit more.

Speaking of Miz, he beat Evan Bourne and it makes me wonder if it would be better for Bourne to be the top dog on E.C.W. or a glorified jobber on the more watched Raw. Right now, Bourne is a small fish in a very big pond.

Legacy crashing the DX reunion was cool and it was a solid step in building Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase as a legit heel faction.

If you didn’t blink you would have seen Jack Swagger clobber M.V.P. before being disqualified. Those two will fight each other on Sunday at SummerSlam.

Meanwhile, E.C.W. featured a tag team match that ended with Christian’s partner Ezekiel turning on him and joining William Regal and Kozlov in beating up Christian. Christian will defend the E.C.W. Championship against Regal this Sunday.

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