Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SummerSlam 2008 Predictions

Since nothing worthwhile of note happened at the tapings for SmackDown last night, nor on Monday Night Raw for that matter, I have decided to go ahead and post some predictions for this Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Edge vs. The Undertaker in a “Hell in a Cell” Match
I would be shocked if Undertaker lost this one. The only question to me is how good of a match it will be. Edge-Undertaker have yet to have that one stand-out match that the two are capable of. This has the potential to be that one. Again, I can't see any other outcome, though, other than The Undertaker winning.

W.W.E. Champ Triple H vs. The Great Khali
My expectations are low for this, no question Hunter wins but can he make Khali look good in the process.

World Champ CM Punk vs. JBL
The night after SummerSlam, Monday Night Raw is from Chicago; Punk’s hometown. Does he go to Chicago as champ or will he perhaps drop the belt at SS, only to win the title back from JBL in front of the home crowd? I cringe to say it, but I think John Bradshaw Layfield takes the W.W.E. title from Punk at SS.

E.C.W. Champ Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy
Would the W.W.E. have made a new XX-Large belt for the humongous Henry if they didn’t plan on keeping the title on him for a bit? I like Henry over Hardy probably due to some kind of interference from Tony Atlas or maybe even Colin Delaney (Ugh!).

John Cena vs. Batista
The W.W.E. rushed Cena-Batista and have definitely not put enough into the buildup. Is this a start of a long feud between the two with possibly one turning heel? I’m going with Dave Batista and hoping for a Cena heel turn.

MVP vs. Jeff Hardy
Hardy wins in what hopefully will be a good, long match.

Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James/Kofi Kingston (Winner-Take-All) This is a pay-per-view match? I think Marella and Phoenix win to become Intercontinental Champion and Women’s Champion, respectively.

Shawn Michaels Announcement
So will Shawn Michaels retire? Will we get an impromptu match between Michaels and Jericho? Is there some kind of swerve to this? Is “Psycho” Sid really coming back to the W.W.E. as a bodyguard for Jericho? Regardless, I think Michaels states that he is not retiring, thus continuing his feud with Chris Jericho.

I'll be back Monday with thoughts on the show!


wweisright said...

you're predictions are so-so. it is well long overdue for john bradshaw layfield to be crowned champion. punk is a footnote from your ring of honor.

Dave said...

I think Summerslam will be a great show and my reasons are that there are four matches that all could be considered the main event. Hell in a cell has been done too much. Something new being John Cena against Batista will be the best match of the night.