Thursday, August 07, 2008

Brett Favre: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I would never be foolish enough to compare Brett Favre to Chad Pennington. For one, I never liked Pennington’s game. Second, I loved (past tense) Favre’s game. But unfortunately, time moves on and this is a case where New York Jets’ fans are going to get their hopes up again but will only be left with bitter disappointment as was the case with Pennington.

Too often athletes in the twilight of their career have come to the bright lights and big city that is New York to try and have that final moment in the spotlight. Too often superstars have underestimated the pressures of performing in New York – go ask Randy Johnson about the media – and have wound up with egg on their faces. Sadly, New York teams take the bait time and time again. We’ll see. I have the utmost respect for what Favre has done on the field during his storied career. But I think this coming season will end much the way last year ended for Brett Favre: an interception.

One thing is certain, though, the New York Jets will not be a boring story this year, regardless of the outcome.

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